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“Everything we need is always available and on its right time!
Our company is all about rare books and manuscripts (since 1883). We chose SPC Free Zone because of the unique infrastructure they have. I would recommend it to others.”
Hugo Wetscherek – Owner, Antiquariat Inlibris
Set up at SPC Free Zone in 2017
“The team at SPC is very responsive!
Based in London and founded in 2006, Austin Macauley™ is a forward-thinking independent trade publisher. Our set-up at SPC Free Zone meets our needs very well and we are very likely to recommend them to others.”
Jade Robertson – International Publishing Director
Set up at SPC Free Zone in 2017
We support you to set up a business in the UAE
Day 0
Register your company
Day 1
Obtain a business license and an office suitable to your business
Before Day 7
Obtain visas and work permits
Our shared services center helps you reduce operational costs significantly and our lead generation center actively helps accelerate your business growth in the Middle East
Before Day 21
Set up marketing material
and online presence
Manage legal risk
Build a winning team
Day 21 Onwards
Meet potential clients
(high velocity lead generation!)
Deliver products
or services
Manage finances
Be part of a unique ecosystem for business sustenance and growth!